Thursday, September 29, 2011

Becca Yager Photography

One thing I have been doing on Facebook, and soon on my website are vendor features, so I wanted to bring them here as well. 

This first feature is a wonderful photographer - Becca Yager

20 Questions to get to know Becca Yager Photography, Cookeville, TN

1.      Company Name: Becca Yager Photography

2.     Company Address: 447 Proffitt St

3.     City, State, Zip: Cookeville, TN 38501

4.     Phone #:  931-265-7458

5.     E-mail address:

6.     Name of contact person: Becca Yager

7.     Website address:

8.     Do you have a Facebook? What is the address?

9.     Wedding Profession: Artistic Photographer

10.  How long has your company been in business? 5 Years

11.   How many weddings have you done? Too many to count – 36 this year

12.  What is your price range? $2000+

13.  Do you have any specialties that you offer brides? Many – Boudoir, post-wedding day sessions, high quality albums, photo booths at weddings, always a 2nd photographer and  much more

14.  How many people are with your company? 10 total

15.  What is your favorite thing about doing weddings? Weddings are a combination of my 2 favorite things – photography & romance

16.  What is your busiest time of year? All the time!

17.  How far in advance do you book weddings? Anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.

18.  Do you ever have more than one wedding on the same day? Yes and No. My company does do weddings on the same day, but the main photographer that is  assigned to a wedding will only be assigned one a day. We never try to fit 2 weddings in a day by the same photographer.

19.  Do you require a deposit? Yes

20. What forms of payment to do you accept? Cash, Credit/Debit, and Check

 Anything else a bride should know about your company? We love to travel!

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